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Sneak Peak of the New Vancouver Waterfront

City Councilor Linda Glover Hosts Tour for Youth and Mentor

Kobe* and his youth, Juan,* began their final weekly outing for the summer with a special tour of The Waterfront Vancouver project, hosted by City Councilor Linda Glover. Ready to begin the third grade, Juan is reserved but very attentive as they walked along the construction that ranged from a hole in the ground to a nearly finished hotel. "I can tell that he's really taking this all in," explained Juan's mentor, Kobe. "He's always fascinated by how things are built and how they work. He definitely has the brain of an engineer"

Amidst the sounds of drilling, hammering, and cranes beeping, Councilmember Glover discussed how access to the waterfront had been cut off and gone unused after the paper mill located on the site shut down in 2006. “A group of families came together and bought the property. That was before the downturn of the economy,” Glover accounted. “They then bided their time until things turned back around to start the waterfront project. That is how strongly they cared about Vancouver and wanted to provide something special for the community.”

While discussing the history of and current plans for the revitalization of the waterfront, Glover also tapped into her experience as an educator and provided Kobe with some great leads on programs and places where Juan could further explore his spark of mechanical and structural engineering. Kobe and Juan are excited about planning a trip to the Pearson Air Museum.


At the conclusion of the tour, Glover had some questions of her own. She asked Kobe why he became a professional mentor and how many youth he works with. “I work with a total of eight youth. They are all entering the third grade, and I met them when they were in Kindergarten. I really think it’s incredible that I have the opportunity to be in these kids’ lives through their entire childhood, witnessing their growth and achieved potential.”

Once Juan is back in school, Kobe will turn his focus onto supporting him in the classroom. Their big goal? To continue developing stronger reading skills. Most weeks over the summer, Kobe and Juan visited the Cascade Park Community Library to practice reading. In fact, that’s exactly where they were headed to next.

* Names changed to protect the identity of the youth.