Ryan Martin


Ryan was born and raised in the heart of NE Portland. He attended Woodlawn Elementary School, Ockley Green Middle School, and Jefferson High School (AKA School of Champions!). Ryan had mentors who helped him become successful in life and he strongly believes his purpose is to reach back and be a positive role model and help kids today become successful in their lives.

He appreciates that FriendsPDX is making an effort to help shape the lives of young people in a positive way. Being a mentor plays a pivotal role in a youth's. You could be the missing part of the puzzle of success in that kid. That Ryan, that is very powerful and exciting.

Outside of FriendsPDX, you can catch him enjoying a funny comedy movie or some mystery/suspense sprinkled in with some Marvel action. He's a sucker for animated movies as well. Ryan enjoys hanging out with his family and being able to cut loose around the people that he loves. He enjoys watching sports — particularly football and basketball. Go Packers, Go Blazers. He has two wonderful nieces that are amazing whom Ryan likes to hang out with and be the “goofy Uncle”.