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Celebrating 25 Years

A Full Generation of Change

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we honor a full generation of change by saluting all friends of the children – past, present, and future. We recognize our Friends with a capital F: the professional mentors who make our good work possible. We honor our friends of Friends, the donors who’ve been with us no matter what. Above all we salute the children themselves, so many of whom have graduated to become successful adults. Their stories give the 25th Friendiversary its real meaning and promise for the future, as we all go forward together.

Numbers Are Our Friends

Let's see how they add up after a quarter of a century.

After 25 years of walking alongside our community’s highest-priority youth, we’re more committed now than ever before to keep going and growing. 

25th Anniversary Legacy Campaign

To ensure we are here to help youth navigate life’s biggest challenges, please consider an investment in our 25th Anniversary Legacy Campaign. Your gift will be invested for future growth, while paying dividends to support the selection of four hundred kindergarteners over the next five years.

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Stay Connected

Throughout the year we will be celebrating and honoring the impact of Friends of the Children and our Founders as we look to laying the foundation for the next 25 years. Stay connected as we unveil these awesome opportunities.