2020 has been a challenging year. Here in the Unites States and all over the world, we have been faced with crisis after crisis. Loss after loss. Challenge after challenge. But wherever there is a challenge – there is also an opportunity. A chance to take this moment in history and build a better world for our youth.

Our youth wake up to the same news every day that we do. Only they are faced with even more obstacles and challenges. With every new hurdle, our youth have persevered. With every new roadblock, our Friends have continued to stand beside them and support them as they braved this new world with tenacity and resilience. Because we are Friends, our commitment to these extraordinary children is undaunted and unwavering. Times may be tough, but so are we.

But we cannot do this important work without you. We need your help. We need your support. We need your continued commitment to our youth, and now you can double your impact.

Please, make a gift today that will make generational change possible, one friendship at a time.

The first $25,000 raised will be matched by a generous donor.

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Friends of the Children-Portland has been successful in breaking the cycles of generational poverty for 27 years. Youth are selected in kindergarten through a rigorous, eight-week evaluation process and paired with a full-time, salaried, professional mentor until graduation. Our mentors, called Friends, are highly trained in working with youth who live at the intersection of poverty and trauma. We help our youth navigate the systemic barriers so they can realize their dreams. We are relentless so our youth can be resilient.


Impact generational change by empowering youth who are facing the greatest obstacles through relationships with professional mentors—12+ years, no matter what.


We envision a world where all youth are empowered to dream big and build bright futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.


ABOUT THE ARTWORK: One of our long time Friends, Melissa Salazar loves to share her personal spark of art with the youth of Friends of the Children–Portland. As a part of our Youth Engagement and Empowerment programs, Melissa asked some program youth to draw a picture of what being a friend means to them. This collage, created by Justine Reimnitz, is a collection of their answers.

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