Christian Schoof

Director of Operations

Christian is originally from Las Vegas, NV but moved to Oregon in 2018. She attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she earned her Bachelor of Social Work in 2015. Currently, Christian is attending the University of Nevada, Reno’s online Master of Social Work program.

Christian was a latchkey kid growing up, and, while she appreciates the resourcefulness that comes with needing to problem-solve on one’s own, she's also aware of how much more difficult things were for her because she did not have an adult presence to guide and nurture her. The impact that FriendsPDX creates in the lives of kids who are facing paths filled with barriers and struggles is simply staggering. What can our community become when we invest meaningfully in our children with the rarest and most precious of commodities: our time? That is what FriendsPDX does. Christian is excited to have the opportunity to invest in this organization and in support of such a worthy mission.

Outside of work, Christian loves tent camping during the season and hiking in the woods. She and her husband are also avid fans of the ridiculous and can be found touring old Victorian houses, attending Steampunk or Oddities conventions, running off to some obscure museums, or working on some costume or party idea. Christian also enjoys karaoke (probably too much) and cooking/baking for friends and family. And she has an impressive collection of silly hats and headbands. Her mom crochets them and she treasures them all.

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