Deriek Cruz

Chief Development Officer

Deriek was born in Guam but moved to California shortly thereafter and lived up and down the West Coast. He eventually settled down in Tacoma, WA, and ventured to Eugene to earn his degree at the University of Oregon. Deriek appreciates that FriendsPDX started on the premise and promise that investing in our youth will pay dividends. Even if we don’t see that today. Even if we don’t see that tomorrow. It will make a difference for the youth we serve, their families, and our community.

Outside of work, Deriek spends time with his family: he has a daughter in kindergarten who does gymnastics and a son in preschool who plays basketball. Between all of that, they play Pokémon GO, do some Geocaching, and break out in Hamilton duets as often as possible… well, he does at least.

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