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June 10, 2020

Equity Matters: Resources to Educate Yourself about Racial Injustice

At Friends of the Children–Portland, 77 percent of the youth we serve are people of color of this 29 percent are Black/African American and 22 percent are Multicultural/Multiracial. Black lives matter. These youth matters, they are valued and need the whole community of Friends of the Children–Portland to be part of their story. We will support our youth and community relentlessly, no matter what. We will Demand Equity, and we will Commit to Empowerment. This is an integral piece of the Friends of the Children–Portland's Values.

If you are unsure of how you can be part of this story and how you can stand with our youth, here are a few ideas:

1. Listen and show up for our youth and community, start by learning hearing their stories. We will find hope in our youth.

2. Read, learn and educate yourself. We cannot attack a disease we do not know and understand. Here is a recommended reading list:

Recommended Reading:

3. Support a Black-owned business or restaurant. Some of our youths’ families are employed by businesses found on this list.

4. Talk with each other and your children. Here are links to some resources used by our Friends if you are unsure where to begin the conversation:

5. Donate to an organization you believe will make an impact in the fight for social justice or donate to Friends of the Children–Portland to make a lifelong impact to support and empower the voices of our youth.