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May 16, 2023

Event Recap: Friend Raiser 2023

On Thursday, May 11th, FriendsPDX hosted Friend Raiser, our biggest annual fundraising event. Together, we raised $2.16M! We are so incredibly grateful for your support. This investment allows us to continue our mission of impacting generational poverty by walking alongside the highest potential youth in Portland by providing 1:1 professional mentoring for 12+ years. No Matter What.

Our Portland chapter is also celebrating its 30th anniversary! Our successful, long-term model has grown to serve 33 communities across the United States. We currently serve around 400 youth living throughout the Greater Portland area.

“We had a festive evening celebrating our 30th anniversary that featured powerful words from rising senior, Grace, who reflected on why the program has had such a powerful impact on her launch as a playwright and multiple scholarships as she heads to college, as well as a special appearance by our Founder, Duncan Campbell. Duncan shared how his childhood inspired the creation of this program to ensure that every youth who needed a mentor would have one for 12.5 years. We raised 2.16M, and as important, we convened as a community on behalf of youth who deserve 1:1 mentorship from K – 12th grade, no matter what,” said Traci Rossi, Executive Director of Friends of the Children-Portland.

As we close another Friend Raiser season, we want to extend our deep gratitude for your support, love, and community. We simply could not do this without you and our generous sponsors. If you have any lingering questions, please email us at or check our Friend Raiser FAQ page if it is event related. See our beautiful photo gallery by Roberto Rodriguez on our Facebook page.

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