January 27, 2022

Living Yoga Closes Its Doors but Creates New Opportunity

As the pandemic continues to change our world, organizations must adjust and adapt. Unfortunately, some doors are closing, and the Portland community is sad to say goodbye to Living Yoga. However, through its closure, Living Yoga made way to support organizations focused on social justice. Friends of the Children—Portland was selected to receive more than $75,000 to continue our work walking alongside youth in a one-to-one, long-term mentoring capacity.

Living Yoga’s legacy will live on in FriendsPDX as we work to foster healing and resilience in the most vulnerable youth through a trauma-informed approach. For over 24 years, Living Yoga provided transformational support to members of our community who often went overlooked. Many of Living Yoga’s pillar beliefs are held in our organization too:

Within each of us is the capacity for good, and when our goodness is reflected back to us, we thrive.

  • Friends work every day to reflect the goodness in the youth we walk alongside back to them.

The health of any community is dependent on the health of all its members.

  • FriendsPDX partners with community organizations, schools and foster care systems to help us identify children ages 4 to 6 who could most benefit from a relationship with a Friend.

People can change with love, encouragement, mentorship, and support.

  • Our entire mission is founded in love. Our Friends are experts in building sustained and nurturing relationships with youth through a mentoring capacity that includes an abundance of support and encouragement.

We are humbled and filled with gratitude for Living Yoga’s parting gift.