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August 12, 2020

Pinolo Gelato Creates An Exclusive Gelato Flavor Benefiting Friends of the Children–Portland

From August 21 until 30, 100% of proceeds benefiting Friends of the Children–Portland.

Do you know the difference between gelato and ice-cream? They could look the same, but they are very different from each other. Gelato has less sugar and fat, for example, and it is softer than ice-cream. The taste is delicious; our youth can guarantee this.

To celebrate summer, our youth had a virtual meeting with Sandro Paolini, Pinolo Gelato's owner, where they learned the difference between ice-cream and gelato and learned how to make gelato. Sandro went through the process of gelato making with them, showing the machinery and how they transform simple ingredients into a pleasant treat. After the meeting, our youth were given the opportunity to join a contest where they would choose a combination of flavors that could become a gelato. Then, Sandro carefully reviewed all options and picked one that he produced.

Our youth were so excited. One of them was selected to be the winner of this magical contest that brought to life a delicious gelato. Additionally, they all received a sample of this new flavor in their homes and approved it happily.

Now you have the chance to find out this new flavor created by Pinolo Gelato to celebrate our kids. From August 21 until 30, they will be selling this exclusive flavor, with 100% of proceeds benefiting Friends of the Children–Portland.

Let's enjoy our last days of summer with delicious gelato, helping us to break the cycle of generational poverty! Order now your Azucena flavor, a creamy peach gelato marbled with a homemade blueberry jam.

Watch below an amazing video we prepared telling more how this new flavor was created and how excited our youth was with this project!

**This video happened thanks to our volunteers:
Aline Vieitez
Aline Vieitez and Salomão Diniz
Edit and Color:
Aline Vieitez