July 12, 2021

2021 Youth Drag & Variety Show

Celebrate Pride Month

On June 25th, our virtual screens were filled with glitter, feathers, and all the colors of the rainbow as youth celebrated Pride Month, joining together for the 2021 Youth Drag & Variety Show.

Friends of the Children-Portland youth were invited to participate sharing their Spark and talents. The 2 hours included amazing songs, dramatic monologues, uniquely created feather costumes, beautiful artistic makeup, choreographed dances, and beats that forced your feet to move along! The entire Zoom audience had the opportunity to join the fun with creative and interactive games. This incredible time to gather in community and celebrate was hosted by a program alum and his husband who taught folx how to “Smize” and the importance of loving ourselves and each other.

This event was a joyful time for connection, to affirm that we see, we hear, and we value the voices of our youth. It was a time to applaud these youth for their bravery and boldness as they demonstrated multiple Core Assets through their preparation and performance. These youth inspired us!

Each of us have the opportunity, through our individual and collective actions, to impact generational change. At Friends of the Children-Portland, we support, we stand, and we walk alongside our LGBTQ+ community, not only during Pride Month, but each day, and always.