July 20, 2022

FriendsPDX 2022 Program Graduates

We're Celebrating 25 Program Graduates!

This year we celebrate twenty-five youth who officially graduate from the FriendsPDX program. That's 12.5 years of servitude through mentorship for each of these teens! They join hundreds of FriendsPDX program alumni who we're honored to have walked alongside and continue to serve.

We had a blast coming together to share a meal with these youth who we've walked alongside for more than a decade along with their loved ones. It was very special with many beautiful touches from the dining room decorations, the DJ and dancing, and the amazing gift bags including journals and Jordan Brand shoes. We also had a special Polaroid photo booth device on loan from our friends at https://www.iqcu.com/, shout out to Kailyn and Daphne for making this happen.

These seniors give us hope for the future. They are so full of love, light, insight, and passion. They make this world a better place.

  • 12% are 4-year university-bound
  • 20% are headed to community college
  • 24% are trade bound
  • 4% plan to join the workforce
  • 40% are still undecided

After the dedicated time for seniors and their guests, we also celebrated the many youth who graduated from fifth and eighth grade and are now on to middle and high school, respectively, with a DJ and dance party.