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July 23, 2019

Finding Your Spark

How our summer activities help youth find their passion.

For some of us, discovering our passion may have come easily. But for others, it can take decades and include many twists and turns in a professional career until we hit our groove.

One thing we know for certain is that the more opportunities we are exposed to at a young age, the more likely we are to find that spark that propels us into our future career paths. Summer is a perfect time for youth to explore their passions. That can be a tall order, however, for the youth in our program.

Let's face it; summer camps are expensive and are not an option for many families in our community. On top of that, schools located in neighborhoods with a high concentration of poverty don't have the necessary funds to support a variety of elective programs for youth during the school year. As a result, it's really difficult for many of our youth to properly explore their creativity and gain valuable technical skills, especially as compared to other youth in more well-off situations. That's why we gear up and go all out to provide our youth with learning camps all summer long.

Ultimately, we want to empower our youth. We want them to know that their voice is important and their experiences matter. They can be anything they want to be, and they have the capability to do great things. Allowing them to explore their interests and gain hands-on experience during summer camps is critical in that regard.

Check out this video below and hear directly from a professional mentor about one such summer camp in partnership with KBOO.