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New School Year, New Changes

How youth and mentors are preparing for the upcoming school year

"I'm a bit nervous to start school since I have a new teacher, but I'm excited to see my friends and to learn new things. I really love art, math, lunch, and recess!" - program youth, 2nd grade

As summer concludes and the new school year gets underway, there is a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and trepidation in the air. Our professional mentors take an active role in supporting the academic goals of our youth all year. They dedicate significant time in the classroom, working with youth and their teachers to ensure they have access to the resources they need. 

It is also a time for our mentors to identify other areas of strength and opportunity for our youth to grow and develop.When asked what they looked most forward to this upcoming school year, one of our mentors said:

"I look forward to learning new things from my youth as I'll be in the classroom with them a lot this upcoming school year." - professional mentor

We were trilled to receive hundreds of amazing donations from our School Supply Drive, including supplies our older youth needed, such as graphing calculators and large, sturdy backpacks. When asking one of our mentors what their goal was this upcoming school year, he stated:

"My goal for this upcoming school year is to be able to support all of my youth in every way possible. Many of my youth are older students, which means they require more supplies such as scientific and graphing calculators. I would really love it if they all have the same supplies as their peers, and to ensure that they have the supplies needed to be successful this year!" - professional mentor

The school year offers great challenges and opportunities for our youth and their mentors are there to guide them through, no matter what. At the end of the day, we have the privilege of witnessing their success and knowing we helped to open doors and provide opportunities our youth may not have had otherwise.